I’ve always disliked January. The excitement of Christmas has worn off and you are thrown back into reality. Back to school or work or uni, it’s dark, it’s cold, your alarm is really starting to piss you off… I don’t need to go on.

However, I’ve had this mentality since I started secondary school and I think I need a change of attitude. My life is a lot different to how it was in secondary school – I am in my third year of university and don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work, but I don’t feel the dread at the pit of my stomach when the first day back creeps closer and closer.

It sounds a bit silly, but I’ve been telling myself that I don’t need to fear January anymore. It’s a month of fresh starts, good intentions and yeah, it’s cold, but I have a roof over my head, a warm bed, food in the cupboards… I am very fortunate!

Anyway – this post was meant to be an introduction to my blog but I got a bit sidetracked!


I’m Alice. I’m a 21-year-old student living in London. I like to read, laugh and, like many other bloggers, drink A LOT of tea. Seriously, I need to cut down.

I’m very much a 50/50 split between a city girl and a country girl. I have an adventurous/outdoorsy side to me – I enjoy caving (also called potholing or spelunking), scuba-diving, hiking and exploring. I also love wandering around cities, finding interesting cafes, taking touristy pictures, being amidst the hustle and bustle.



I have had this blog for a while now and go through phases of posting regularly to not posting in 6 months. However, I have deleted all my previous posts and am starting again. I am determined to keep it up! I want to write about things that interest me, like travel, politics, women’s rights, environmental issues, world issues…. any issues really (there are a lot, I suppose.)

I hope you enjoy reading this blog, and if you share my feelings about January – let me know! Also I am always on the lookout for new blogs to read so I would love it if you can link me yours or your fave blogs 🙂

My twitter is @alicewojcik